Mango Hill’s population set to soar


Recent developments in Mango Hill have raised concerns for some locals.

You may have noticed the construction zone at the entrance to the Mango Hill Village. A townhouses development is underway by the Phillip Usher Construction Group on Kinsellas Road West.


Two hundred and thirty-three units are being built on the site, containing three or four bedrooms each. Approximately seven hundred to nine hundred new residents are expected to make Mango Hill their new home within the complex.

With the expansion comes a need for facilities to accommodate the rising population. A Childcare Centre and a small shopping precinct are being built within the complex, near the road with the townhouses to the rear. A small convenience type shop, plus eateries and other specialty stores are expected in the precinct, a Philip Usher Group spokesperson has confirmed.

Phillip-Usher-Construction-Townhouse-artists-impressionImage: Philip Usher Constructions Townhouse Artists Impression

Future-Mango-Hill-Ring-RoadThe Group will also be responsible for the Mango Hill Ring Road development. Once development starts, it’s expected to be completed within six to eight months, weather permitting.

On the other side of Mango Hill, Impact Homes are building two townhouse complexes, sixteen new townhouses on Wyatt Crescent and twenty on Abercrombie Street. They’re expected to be completed late 2017/early 2018.

There’s no denying, Mango Hill is up and coming!

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Mango Hill Ring Road image courtesy of The Mango Hill Progress Association.
05/05/2017 |

Pop-up food trucks at Danzy Buchanan Park!


What a stunning day! Looking for something to do? Why not head down to Danzy Buchanan Park and check out the pop-up food trucks while you’re there!


The Health Van is serving up yummy, healthy treats!


Mana Coffee are offering their delicious Two before Ten blend!


Jaffle Shmaffle are serving gourmet jaffles for a lunch treat!



Elite oysters have just arrived! Serving up an array of fresh seafood, don’t miss out!


Dogs-must-be-on-a-leashThe vendors will be dishing up their wares until at least 5pm this evening, possibly even later. Everyone is welcome, dogs included! Please note, due to it being a public space, rubbish must be disposed of! Dogs must be on a leash at all times as well.


01/05/2017 |
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